Pipe Dreams 3D

Photography - 3D Modeling - 3D Animation

Summit 40 DTH Hammer

This was an end to end project, fortunately Pinnacle Drilling Products is loacted in Calgary, so I was able to visit their shop and personally take my 3d reference images of the Summit 40 DTH hammer, it was taken apart and photographed piece by piece. Once the model was complete, we threw together an attractive take apart animation of the hammer, then went on to create high quality 3D renders for the various spec sheets intended for print.

Photography - 3D Modeling - 3D Animation

Reverse Circulation

This reverse circulation animation involved modeling of everything besides the rig which was purchased. This was complex in the sense that it required many different 3D particle systems, which I happen to love, particles are THE best!

Photography - 3D Modeling - 3D Animation

Custom Coring Solutions

The models were provided as .STL files and cleaned up a bit in Cinema 4D. I was more than happy to do this animation as it gave me a better understanding about the overall coring process.

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