Showing it off
With Style!

With a background in 3D modeling, animation, graphic design and photography in the drilling industry, you can be sure your project is in good hands! Whether you need an instructional video, want to feature a new product that is too heavy to take good pictures of, or just looking to add a little style to your trade show booth, I am your guy! Based in Calgary Alberta, armed with steel toed boots and a passion to make things look great!

Expand Your Marketing Tools With 3D


Visually stunning animations will help your business stand out and assist in effectively communicating your company's products or ideas.

Photo Realistic Renderings

High quality photo realistic renderings can be used to make all of your marketing materials shine! Graphics for your flyers, website, or social media just to name a few!


Spice up your trade show booth this year and add a video screen! We can provide you with sleek visuals of your products that will bring people in and drive up sales!

Let's Get Started!

Brief Description

Send me a description of what you would like to have done, include a link to a similar video if you have one!

Rough Duration

Let me know me a rough idea of how long you want your amazing animation to be!

Existing Models

Do you have 3D models of your products or do you need them built by our sorcerer?

The Process


Gather Information

Hopefully you have started this process above! This is where I get a good idea as to what your needs and expectations are.


Gather Assets

Once I have an understanding of your needs, I begin to gather CAD any of your CAD files, or reference images in order to create the models for you.



I will create the models if required and begin to put together a rough animatic of the animation which will be sent to you for approval before I start the final process.


Final Pass

Now that everything is looking good we take it that final step to look great! This includes texturing, lighting, setting up cameras and the final rendering process.